High stakes poker season 11

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High Stakes Poker Season 11

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The second season kicks off tonight with new pros sitting down at the palms resort in Las Vegas to play Some high stakes poker. Episode 5 Episode 5.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Season four finished airing on December 17, and featured 17 episodes. Episode 1 Episode 1. Unlike tournament poker, blinds and antes are constant, instead of increasing as time goes on.

In addition, players may use cash instead of casino chips. More great poker action tonight, Phil Laak is back with us but again decides to leave halfway through this time giving his seat to Todd Brunson, the son of Poker legend Doyle Brunson. Episode 2 Episode 2.

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By clicking "Publish", you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. Ivey considered calling for over 3 minutes according to the TV showbut ultimately folded.

Episode 9 Episode 9. Episode 3 Episode 3.

Episode 13 Episode Episode 10 Episode Instead, the program showed a high-stakes cash game. The third season, consisting of 13 episodes, was taped at the South Point Casino at 9: You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. Gold also spoke about his interactions with other players, particularly Mike Matusow.

Abuse of the TV. Episode 11 Episode Gold moved all-in and Antonius called.

High Stakes Poker - Season 2. Taping was completed in May, with the season premiering on August 27, at 9: Episode 6 Episode 6. At this point, it was almost an exactly even race.

The players agreed to run the river twice. The sixth season aired with three different groups of players throughout 13 episodes.

Episode 7 Episode 7. The second season, taped at The Palms and consisting of 16 episodes, premiered on June 5, and ended on September 18, After Galfond folded, Bill Klein showed the bluff and received a standing ovation and fist-bumps from around the table. Episode 14 Episode Antonius went all-in after the flop and Farha called.

Brunson bet the turn, and Laliberte raised and Brunson moved all-in and was called. Episode 15 Episode More high stakes poker action from top pros such as Daniel Negreanu and Jennifer Harman. The format for season 5 differed slightly from its predecessors by having Kaplan and Benza not appear on camera until after the first commercial break in the show, rather than at the outset.

Episode 16 Episode The show was created by executive producer Henry Orenstein.

Watch your favorite shows on Prime Video. The action came back to Eastgate, who called, as did Greenstein.

The High stakes poker action continues tonight but halfway through Phil Laak decides to call it a day and he is replaced by one of the best women poker players in the world ; Jennifer Harman. With such a large amount at stake, the players agreed to run the river deal the river card three times. Episode 4 Episode 4.

Season seven debuted on its new GSN Saturday night time slot at 8: Episode 12 Episode Imagine if that was Phil Hellmuth. After the hand was done, commentator Gabe Kaplan said that the only other person he knew who would have made a similar move was "Maybe the late Stu Ungar ".

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Patrik can take a punch. Sponsored Full Tilt Poker pros were required to boycott the show this time around, as rival site PokerStars became its official sponsors.

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Episode 8 Episode 8. The odds were roughly even, and the players agreed to run the turn and river four times.

Unlike in poker tournamentsthe chips involved represent real money. The players agreed to run the turn and river twice; Matusow completed the flush both times.

Season 4: Episode 11

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