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Play Free Video Poker Online

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IGT Game King - Video Poker $20 Challenge


If five hands is too many, stepping down to Triple Play Draw is also an option.

Deuces Wild is the more exciting of the two because there are four wild cards as opposed to the two Jokers in a deck. Progressive jackpots work like progressive slot machines.

2018's Best Free Online Video Poker Games

Full play games have the highest payouts, but can be difficult to find. But for most people, we think this is a great way to play any or all of these classic machines. This makes them an excellent choice for any online gamblers who like playing games where they have an input on every hand. Other games might pay a bonus to you when you make a hand with a joker for example.

Double Double Bonus Poker - This video poker variation offers increased payouts for four of a kind hands with specific combos. This lets learn how to play video poker without putting any of your money at risk. Even if you want to play optimally, you can use visual aids whilst playing online. In any given round you can press deal two times.

That means that hitting one high pair in this game simply gets you your money back, while hitting two pair will earn you a profit. Report a problem Like Vegas Slots Online: These new hands are each drawn independently, so it is possible to get the same replacement cards on different hands.

This is a good choice for beginners and it offers a high payout with low risk. On the surface video poker looks simple, and it can be. Five cards are dealt to the player and the player is given the opportunity to hold or discard any of the cards.

Some of the most popular online video poker games include:. By reading down a list, you can find which option is right for you. Payoffs will depend on the game being played. Some say Bonus Poker is the most profitable video poker game available online.

For instance some games have higher payouts than other video poker games. For instance, Jacks or Better offers the following prizes for different hands:. The same is true for Deuces Wild only substituting Deuces 2s for Jokers as the wild card.

Five Play Draw Poker is a bit different, in that it offers players their choice of nine different popular games all in one package — and each in a five-hand format. There is a great deal of skill involved, too.

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A royal flush with at least one 2 card yields an ample payout, but a natural royal flush is still better. English Dansk Norsk Svenska. If you would like to give it a try, we have plenty of options to recommend.

Interestingly, it is only in recent years that slots have overtaken poker machines in popularity in the casinos. This is because the payoff for a full house is 9 times the bet and a flush is 6 times the bet. One or more jokers may sometimes be added as well. Your discarded cards will be replaced from the deck. Casino of the year Read Casino Review. As we mentioned, Five Play Draw comes with nine different games, though they fit into three basic categories.


Typically, slow and steady is the name of the game in casinos. The Payback Percentage Video poker machines will give players the highest payout percentage when the max number of credits is bet.

The first such machines came from Fortune Bell Company. Deuces Wild is also offered, along with its own version with a bonus pay table.

On some rare machines at live gaming establishments, it is even possible for a perfect player to have a slight edge! Jacks or better video poker is one particular game, but other games involve Jokers as wild cards.

But another option is to download a mobile app. Joker Poker - Jokers act as a wild card and a pair of kings or greater are required to receive a payout. We suggest trying out different variations before playing with real money.

If necessary, move down to a cheaper slot. For instance, a typical but simplified Jacks or Better strategy might read as:.

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Deuces Wild - A popular version, the 2 cards are most important because they act as a wild card. For those players, you will see quite a few machines where the player is offered 5 hands at once.

Another variation is Deuces Wild where players can use the 2 card as a wild card. All of your winning hands will award prizes, just as in a standard, single-handed game.

Understanding Video Poker

Multi Deck Video Poker In this variation your screen will be filled with different hands. The complete game list is as follows:.

How to Play

The second type of video poker games is how the payout schedule attached to the game is used. From video poker classics to variants referencing modern pop culture, there are tonnes of video poker games available at hundreds of casino. Follow these steps to start playing video poker for free:

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