Poker is a sport or a game

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Poker Is A Sport Or A Game

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Is Poker an E-Sport?


No, people watch sports for one reason: The unfortunate answer is that poker falls short of being easily defined.

Yet how can something that involves almost zero physical activity be placed on the same pedestal as soccer, tennis and athletics in the world of sport? I also agree with Zig that online poker can become a sport for lardass fatsos, so all you kids out there watch yourselves down the road.

And nobody would question whether bowling or golf or pool are sports.

So, is poker a sport or a game then? Physical endurance; or 6. The mentality is that viewers nowadays record most of their programmes and watch them at a later date — fast-forwarding through the precious adverts — but like to view sports show live.

However, we have a major out -- the adverb "usually," which, if taken literally, means "sometimes not. In other words, win and be a champion toting a life-changing roll of bills big enough to choke Shrek, or lose and go home a chump with a giant hole blown through your life savings.

Holdem Poker is a game Play Kobe straight up?

Would the same inexperienced players be more attracted to a sport, with the nature of competition being the main attraction? Poker professionals reap the most benefit from plying their trade in Europe, where poker can be exploited as a skill game, but is tax-free when it comes to winnings.

Правда или развод?

The Power of Television Being broadcast on TV far and wide, poker has slowly morphed into a formalised global export, one that has a massive following. A specific diversion, usually involving physical exercise and having a set form and body of rules; a game.

And why is there a sudden movement now to turn it into a sport? Just two of many in this category would be baseball and auto racing.

Some would ask how can poker be a sport when it is gambling — but in truth the majority of games combine elements of skill and luck. Send in your questions and comments.

In that sense, I suppose, great poker players resemble great coaches more than great athletes -- they have to make constant choices, any one of which could cause the entire enterprise to collapse. Results are tracked by online league tables which are checked by players more often than musicians monitoring the Top We hope, no matter how you classify the greatest card activity on the planet that you run and run well.

Coaches have to make lots of intense decisions -- poker players do, too. So far, so good Kornheiser obviously believes it will not, based on the notion that people who watch poker on TV cannot expect to see any spectacular physical feats and so will necessarily become bored and stop watching.

If you are a football team with an injured QB at the super bowl, or an olympic runner trying to break a record on a day with wicked headwinds, or a leading Nascar driver with a flat tire, that is bad luck.

So, according to "The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language," here are the first two definitions for "sport": And the reality is that big-time poker provides just about the most intense pressure the fertile mind of man can create -- not to mention an endless stream of meaningful wagers.

Being top of the all-time money list is the dream of thousands upon thousands of live players.

And sports have lots of luck involved, not just skill, also. While incredible physical feats are a regular feature of some popular sports -- notably basketball -- there are many popular sports in which incredible physical feats are quite rare, and even those seldom determine the outcome of an event.

Как не надо делать

In any case, is it really true, as Kornheiser contends, that most people watch sports on TV to see incredible physical feats? Only difference is if your good at poker it can make you some money. In fact, you can make a better case that they tune in to watch, hoping to see multi-car wrecks.

Guard the inbounds pass? The continuation bet or c-betas it was played during the early years of the World Series, is not the move it is today. As the Clint Eastwood character -- a lone gunfighter, the ur-American sports figure -- tells the Scofield Kid in "Unforgiven": And the reality is that big-time poker provides just about the most intense pressure the fertile mind of man can create -- not to mention an endless stream of meaningful wagers.

Из чего сделано?

When it is allowed, many expect poker to enjoy another boom, new players flooding to the game — or sport — that brilliantly combines both luck and skill. Capturing that live audience leads to more advertising dollars spent, and a higher price for content like the WSOP can provide.

Is Poker a Sport?

Same goes for chess. When it comes to proving a dubious point, dictionary definitions are often the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Why more than 249,236 poker players have joined CardsChat

Voice of the Fan. You can watch the World Series of Poker starting July 6 at 9 p. Leaving Las Vegas Lovinger: He has worked for numerous poker magazines and also presents a live poker TV show on Sky television. In my opinion, the stamina part is the kicker.

Is it a game or a sport? First of all, the money is huge. Poker requires agility, strength and stamina -- well, of the mental variety.

Poker athletes

Staring at a monitor for 13 hours a day wont turn you into an athlete, well maybe a fat one I see poker as a mental game, not physical, even though it can be a "physical" game with long tourneys etc.

And does anybody believe the American public will ever tire of watching? I say, "No way.

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